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Sunday Morning Musings

I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog this week.  I spent most of the week doing paperwork, because at heart, I really am a pencil-pusher, paper-shuffler.   I am working on two informative articles, one is on Valuation(Insurance-but its not),

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Non-Binding Estimates for Long Distance Moves – Beware of the 110% Sales Pitch

In an earlier post, we discussed briefly the types of estimates that you can be offered for your interstate move.  We strongly advise that you stay away from non-binding estimates.  Let’s be 100% honest, everyone doing this is a salesperson,

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A Little Moving Music – Carole King, “So Far Away”

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Passionate about Moving – Stream of Consciousness

How can you be passionate about moving, it’s just a job?  Well, the answer is a little more complicated than that and in order to answer the question; I have to wax philosophical and poetic. In science, Georges Lemaitre, a

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Moving is Organized Chaos

Moving is not a lot of fun, kind of the understatement of the year! If you are moving locally and selling your current home, and buying a new one, just the Mortgage and Title related issues will have you pulling

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Your Interstate Moving Estimate

Your Interstate Moving Estimate Regardless of where on life’s continuum you are, we make some very basic suggestions. 1.)    Who to work with – While there are good independent movers, and brokers out there, it is difficult to figure out

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A Brief Musical Interlude – Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues – Live at San Quentin  

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So you think you’re a Mover!

  In college, and when we were first starting out, we moved ourselves, a U-Haul, some pizza, lots of beer and a few friends.  The smart ones (and I was never one of them) always saved the beer until the

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Local Moving – Your in Home Estimate

Local Moving – Your in Home Estimate The Moving Industry in Connecticut is regulated by The Department of Transportation, Public Utilities Division.   Under the regulations issued by the state, all movers licensed within the state must publish a Tariff or

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Who Should I Move With? Understanding Carriers & Local Moving Companies

Interstate moving is a very complicated subject, but we will try to distill it down to a few relatively simple concepts. The vast majority of full service interstate moves are handled by the “major carriers.” The major carriers are a series of

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"Thank you so much for making my cross country move so stress free!"
Krysia, NM

"We were pleased with both crews packing and moving. We look forward to referring Vanguard to a friend."
Caroline, CT

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