Senior Moving

It takes a very special caring person to deal with the often difficult situation of senior moving.  At Vanguard, we consider ourselves lucky to have just such a person, Jim Setaro.  Jim understands how difficult the process of downsizing from a home, to what often is a fraction of the space can be for your loved ones.   Along with the myriad issues of distribution of belongings, scheduling and coordinating with facilities and caregivers as well as out of town family, a senior transition can create a logistical as well as an emotional nightmare.

With over 40 years of moving experience, as well as a strong empathy (derived from personal as well as professional experience), Jim has developed a Hand in Hand approach to this transition.  With his careful guidance as well as the incredible “old world” politeness and caring of our men, Vanguard can provide you with the full range of services to make this as comfortable and stress free process as possible.

With an aging population, this has become a vital part of our industry, and doing it right has made us expert in the field.  Visit the Hand in Hand Transitions website for more information or reach out to us directly to discuss an appointment with Jim.

Jim Setaro





Jim Setaro
Senior Relocation Specialist

"Thank you so much for making my cross country move so stress free!"
Krysia, NM

"We were pleased with both crews packing and moving. We look forward to referring Vanguard to a friend."
Caroline, CT

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