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Sunday Morning Musings

I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog this week.  I spent most of the week doing paperwork, because at heart, I really am a pencil-pusher, paper-shuffler.   I am working on two informative articles, one is on Valuation(Insurance-but its not), and the other is on interstate moving pricing.  The valuation article is pretty well done,… Read more »

Moving is Organized Chaos

Moving is not a lot of fun, kind of the understatement of the year! If you are moving locally and selling your current home, and buying a new one, just the Mortgage and Title related issues will have you pulling out your hair.  You fill out a mortgage application, and even if you are pre-approved,… Read more »

So you think you’re a Mover!

In college, and when we were first starting out, we moved ourselves, a U-Haul, some pizza, lots of beer and a few friends.  The smart ones (and I was never one of them) always saved the beer until the job was done.  But it all worked out, we stumbled drunkenly about and made a day… Read more »