Moving is Organized Chaos

Moving is not a lot of fun, kind of the understatement of the year!

If you are moving locally and selling your current home, and buying a new one, just the Mortgage and Title related issues will have you pulling out your hair.  You fill out a mortgage application, and even if you are pre-approved, you need an appraisal, a home inspection and a processor is sitting somewhere Far, Far Away collecting and reviewing your documents.

Answer the phone

So the appraisal comes in at the right number, your home inspection looks good and you get a “Commitment,” but, read the fine print, it’s actually a “Conditional Commitment.”   So now your  attorney goes ahead and orders the “title,” and now the fun really begins.  It turns out, that back in 1984, somebody, long dead now had a mortgage and the “Satisfaction” was never filed by the bank.  It’s YOUR job to find out who the successor bank is and get that filed (even though that bank has been gone for YEARS.

Meanwhile, all those nice people you dealt with at the beginning of the process just don’t return your calls.  Your file is in “underwriting,” the paralegal assures you that your attorney will be back with you today. Meanwhile your buyers, buyers – buyer is having trouble with their mortgage and everybody in the chain is on pins and needles.

At Vanguard Moving Services Group, “in addition to our moving services, I do provide you with free counseling, however, there does come a point in the process where I recommend that you KILL SOMEBODY!  At that point, you do have to realize that I am not at all qualified to provide that counseling.”

The reality is that 99% of deals go through, but until yours does, you get to go crazy.

At Vanguard Moving Services Group “when you commit to us, we are committed to you, the only thing we ask is that you keep us posted as to what is going on.”

While you were pulling your hair out of your head (those that remain),  you have to go ahead and purge a lot of that stuff, 20 years of accumulated things. OMG


Answer: You really aren’t, but you sure feel like one!

The American Moving Association recommends that you move every three (3) years JUST SO YOU CAN GET RID OF YOUR CRAP! The American Gemological Society also recommends to spend six (6) months salary when selecting an engagement ring for their beloved. NO VESTED INTEREST THERE EITHER!

In order to keep the cost of your move down, you’ve committed to packing most everything, so you have a pile of unassembled boxes and other packing supplies sucking up your living space, and stacks of boxes in every room.  If you have teenagers, they’re gonna help – TOMORROW, if you have the little peoples they’re under foot, and remember the best toy you can toddler is a box.  So your little ones have taken over 10 of your boxes and it’s amazing what the little monsters can do with a box.  So 20 of them are in garage for recycling day, juice spilled on them or sidewalls just broken while tumbling in and out of the new “fort” they built with your expensive boxes!

AND after all this comes moving day, you know your closing(s) are tomorrow, but you don’t know what time.  We load up your belongings in our truck, and you get to make sure that the house is “broom clean.”


At Vanguard Moving Services Group, we recommend that you lie, lie, lie to your attorney and realtor, “throw me under the bus,  I’m a big boy.”  “my mover says that if I can’t get unloaded by 12-1 O’clock, he’s going to have to hold it overnight and its gonna cost me exorbitant fee’s and another night in the hotel”

Oh yeah, and after we deliver, you have boxes everywhere and no idea where to start.  At least we set up the beds for you and you can crash until morning.  Hopefully you have a few days before you go back to work.

BUT, remember at every step along the way “life has a habit of getting in the way!”

Under the bus

At Vanguard Moving Services Group, we know this whole process isn’t easy, we’ve done it hundreds if not thousands of times. So what is the REAL goal of the mover.

Moving is Organized Chaos, and Vanguard’s Goal is to make the ORGANIZE outweigh the CHAOS, by just a little bit, and keep a smile on everyone’s face while doing it!