Sunday Morning Musings

I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog this week.  I spent most of the week doing paperwork, because at heart, I really am a pencil-pusher, paper-shuffler.   I am working on two informative articles, one is on Valuation(Insurance-but its not), and the other is on interstate moving pricing.  The valuation article is pretty well done, but I am working on a “disclaimer” for it, and a little hung up on that, Valuation is complicated, and while simplifying it isn’t hard, making sure that no “legal liability” happens is.  The Interstate Moving pricing is right now in the “rip the lid off of the secrets mode,” and while I hate to edit and censor, there are a few toes I promised not to step on(Tim H.).

So this morning, Ronal and his guys are out in New Canaan doing a 4Peat customer Regina M.; Edison and his guys are going to Redding later to help a customer for this week get his packing done.  John V. fell a little behind, as I always say, “life has a habit of getting in the way.”  Later today Barbara H., a long term storage customer is meeting me here to go through her storage vaults and cull and reduce.  Lover her dearly, but she’s a pain in my lower body!  Meanwhile I am going to work this morning on an “E-mail Harvesting” project that I have good thoughts about.

On the subject of Valuation, later, I am hoping to deliver an urn that was damaged in one of our moves.  I wish I had before and after pics, because it was beautifully repaired.   Remember, when moving, there are “HUMANS” involved and things can happen! (35,000lbs on the trucks and 35,000lbs of the trucks – 70,000lbs in 4 days).

At Vanguard, we work 7 days a week, and try to go the extra mile for our customers.  Just a small example of why we think anyone in CT should consider Vanguard for all of their professional moving and storage needs.

So in honor of the Hardest Working Men in the Moving Business(not me, the guys).  James Brown The Hardest Working Man in Show Business – “I Feel Good”