Who Should I Move With? Understanding Carriers & Local Moving Companies

Interstate moving is a very complicated subject, but we will try to distill it down to a few relatively simple concepts.

The vast majority of full service interstate moves are handled by the “major carriers.” The major carriers are a series of corporations or conglomerates that have been in the industry for many years. Each of the carriers is represented by local moving companies or agents, the agents prepare estimates, provide services and perform other functions as defined in the agreements with the carriers under tariffs “published as directed by the Federal Government which regulates interstate moving.

Among the carriers are Unigroup which operates the brands of United Van Lines and Mayflower; Atlas Van Lines; Wheaton World Wide Moving which operates the brands of Wheaton, Bekins, Clark & Reid and has most recently added the Stevens Van Line brand; Sirva, Inc., which operates the North American and Allied brands; Arpin Van Lines; and of course the carrier that Vanguard Logistics of CT represents, National Van Lines. In addition, there are independent Van Lines, as well as moving “brokers. “

At Vanguard Moving Services Group, we are firm believers that despite the efforts of the internet, Amazon, Uber, etc…Moving services are not a “commodity. ” In the same way as no two fingerprints are alike, no two customers and their moves are alike. In fact, the same customer will probably not have the same move two times in their lifetime: marriage, children, job changes, retirement, illness or injury are a natural part of life and as we progress our needs will change. Our goal is to ensure we can help you through your individual moving experience with full attention to your needs during your move.

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